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Milk Thistle Extract

Milk Thistle Extract

Milk Thistle Extract
Supply silymarin milk thistle extract powder
Extraction Type: Liquid-Solid Extraction
Part: Bark
Form: Powder,powder
Variety: Silymarin
Grade: Food
Brand Name: N/A
1 Kilogram (Min. Order)

Product details

Milk Thistle Extract

Supply silymarin milk thistle extract powder

Extraction Type: Liquid-Solid Extraction

Part: Bark

Form: Powder,powder

Variety: Silymarin

Grade: Food

Brand Name: N/A

1 Kilogram (Min. Order)

What us the Milk thistle?

Milk thistle (silymarin) is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family. It is native to Mediterranean countries. Some people also call it Mary thistle and holy thistle.


An organic treatment for many common conditions related to the pancreas and the liver,  milk thistle has been around for more than 2,000 years. The herb itself is quite bitter. Milk thistle offers defense against hepatotoxic agents, and aids in being able to reverse toxic liver injuries. It has been indicated that one of the benefits of milk thistle is that it can arouse the liver’s synthesis of protein, and aids the development of new liver cells. Milk thistle was used by early medical practitioners to handle congestion in the kidneys, spleen, and veins. 


1. Protect liver, improve liver function, promote the secretion of bile and inflammation 

2. Strong antioxidant, can remove the body of free radicals, delay senescence 

3. Prevent alcohol, chemical toxin, heavy metal, drugs, food toxins, the environment pollution and 

so on of the damage to the liver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells and repair


Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin Price Function:


1. Protect liver, improve liver function, promote the secretion of bile  


2. Strong antioxidant, can remove the body of free radicals, delay senescence 


3. Prevent alcohol, chemical toxin, heavy metal, drugs, food toxins, the environment pollution and so on of the damage to the liver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells and repair


Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin Price Application: 


1.Protecting liver


2.Preventing liver disease
3.Increasing function of liver
4.Regenerating liver cell

Function & Application

1.Milk thistle extract will be used for treating hepatitis;
2.Silymarine protects liver cell membrane and improve the liver function;
3.Silymarine powder protects the brain and remove the free radical of body;
4.It can used to detoxify, reduce the blood fat, and be good for gallbladder.


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