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insecticide Matrine pesticide 98%​
State: Powder
EINECS No.: 519-02-8
MF: C15H24N20
CAS No.: 519-02-8
Model Number: 519-02-8
Brand Name: fandachem
25 Kilograms (Min. Order)

Product details



insecticide Matrine pesticide 98%

State: Powder

EINECS No.: 519-02-8

MF: C15H24N20

CAS No.: 519-02-8

Model Number: 519-02-8

Brand Name: fandachem

25 Kilograms (Min. Order)


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Capacity: 250g per bag and can be customized
40 bags per box for wholesale Brown powder matrine insecticide for treatment of fish disease

Delivery Time

Shipped in 7 days after payment


This product is for dealing with parasite problems. It is efficient in curing and preventing parasitic disease caused by Trichodina, Dactylogyrus, Gyrodactylus. Also it can be applied in dealing with bacterial intestinal inflamation and haemorrhagic septicemia.

Direction: Calculated by the product, mix with feedstuff, 20 – 40g per 1kg feedstuff, apply one time per day, 5 – 7 days for one treatment.


Matrine bio pesticideInstructions

1. Control of cotton spider mites: Apply the drugs before the occurrence of first peak of cotton spider mites (early June) when cotton seedling leaves rate reaches 7% to 14%. Add 250~350 mL of 0.2% matrine agent with 40~50 kg of water per acre, spray thoroughly.
2. Control of apple leaf mites: Perform this after bloom of apple trees during the hatch of spider mite. Use 100-300 times 0.2% agent for spray. Spraying the whole leaves thoroughly is suitable.
3. Control of aphids: Perform it before the occurrence of aphid pesticide. Use 50~120mL of 1% matrine alcohol solution or 50~65 mL of 0.3% water solution per acre, add water 40~50 kg, Spray uniformly on both dorsal and foliar. Mainly focus on spray the back.
4. Prevention of Pieris: Perform at 7d after the peak of adult spawning, before the third instar. Adding 60-100 mL of 1% alcohol solution with 40~50kg water, or 50~70mL of 0.3% water solution with 40~50kg water for uniformly spray will have a good effect. This medicine has a poor effect on larva of 4 to 5 instar.
5. Prevention of leek maggot: Perform during early occurrence peak of leek maggot. Apply 2~4 kg of 1.1% matrine powder with 1000~2 000kg of water per acre with, add for root irrigation.
6. The control of soil pests: control of wheat cutworms, grubs, wireworms, etc. Apply 2~2.5kg of 1.1% powder per acre with for fertilizing, row replacement or seed dressing. For dressing treatment, seeds should be first moistened with water. Take 4~4.67kg of 1.1% powders per 100kg, stir and mix uniformly. Perform sowing after stacking for 2


1. Absolutely natural source 
2. Biological pesticides 
3. Extracted from the root of the sophora 
4. Specification: 0.3%-90%


(Botanic source insecticide-from the sophora, flavescens, ait.)

CAS No.:519-02-8 
Molecular formula:C15H24N2O 
Molecular weight:248.36

Solubility: easy to soluble in water, ethanol, chloroform and toluol, benzene.

Store: cool, dry, shadow place. Easy to get wet in the air when uncovered,

Shelf life: 2 years.

Formulation: 0.5%Matrine SL


1. Function mechanism:

The product exerts its function mainly by direct contact, subsidiary by stomach poison. Once pests touch it, their nervous systems are paralyzed immediately, then proteins of their bodies will denaturalize, finally they will die of breathlessness.


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