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Huperzia Serrata Extract

Huperzia Serrata Extract

Huperzia Serrata Extract
Part: Leaf
Form: Powder
Variety: Huperzia Serrata Extract
Type: Herbal Extract
Packaging: Drum,Aluminium Foiled Bag, Ziplock Bag, Carton
Brand Name: Lyphar
(Min. Order):0.01 Kilograms

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Huperzia Serrata Extract

Part: Leaf

Form: Powder

Variety: Huperzia Serrata Extract

Type: Herbal Extract

Packaging: Drum,Aluminium Foiled Bag, Ziplock Bag, Carton

Brand Name: Lyphar

(Min. Order):0.01 Kilograms 

Pharmacological effects

Huperzine A is extracted from Huperzia serrata.[2] It is a reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor[6][7] and NMDA receptor antagonist[8] that crosses the blood-brain barrier.[9] The structure of the complex of huperzine A with acetylcholinesterase has been determined by X-ray crystallography (PDB code: 1VOT; see the 3D structure).[10]

For some years, huperzine A has been investigated as a possible treatment for diseases characterized by neurodegeneration – particularly Alzheimer's disease.[2][11] A 2013 meta-analysis found that huperzine A may be efficacious in improving cognitive function, global clinical status, and activities of daily living for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. However, due to the poor size and quality of the clinical trials reviewed, huperzine A should not be recommended as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease until further high quality studies confirm its beneficial effects.[4]

Huperzine A is also marketed as a dietary supplement with claims made for its ability to improve memory and mental function.[12] Huperzine A may also have a possible role in the treatment of myasthenia gravis





1. Huperzia Serrate Extract
2. Active Ingredients: Huperzine A
3. Specification: HPLC 1%, 5%, 98%

Supply high quality of Huperzia Serrate Extract with a competitive price
1%,5%,20%,99% Huperzine A HPLC




Huperzia Serrate Extract 1%,5%,20%,99% Huperzine A 



Material: In fiber-drums with two-plastic bags inside.

Wight: net weight 25kg/drum; gross weight 28kg/drum

Drum Size & Volume: I.D.42cm 脳 H52cm, 0.08 m鲁/ Drum

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