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Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Part: Fruit
Variety: Ginkgo Extract
Type: Tea Extract
Place of Origin: Shaanxi,China (Mainland)
Packaging Details
1kg/bag or 25kg/drum

Product details

 Ginkgo Biloba 

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Part: Fruit

Variety: Ginkgo Extract

Type: Tea Extract

Place of Origin: Shaanxi,China (Mainland)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

1kg/bag or 25kg/drum or as your request

Delivery Time

Within 5 days after order confirmation


Ginkgo biloba is one of the world's oldest living tree species. The earliest record of the use of Ginkgo Biloba leaves as a medicine is mentioned in the Chinese Materia Medical Shen Nung Pen Tsao Ching, as an aid for blood circulation and disorders of lungs. They are also used for chilblains and as a wound plaster. With the advent and popularization of antioxidant theory in recent years, Ginkgo biloba has rapidly become one of the most widely used health supplements in the world.

 1. CP2010 (Ginkgoflavon Glycosides≥24%, Total Terpene Lacosides≥6%, Acid<5PPM, 

   Peak area ratio Q:K 0.8-1.2; I:Q>0.15)


2. DAB (Ginkgoflavon Glycosides 22~27%, Total Terpene Lacosides5.4~6.6%, Acid<5PPM; Ginkgolide A+B+C
    2.8%-3.4%; Bilobalide 2.6%-3.2%)
3. EP6 (Ginkgoflavon Glycosides 22~27%, Total Terpene Lacosides5.4~6.6%, Acid<5PPM; Ginkgolide A+B+C    
   2.8%-3.4%; Bilobalide 2.6%-3.3%)
4.. EGB761 (Ginkgoflavon Glycosides≥24%, Total Terpene Lacosides≥6%, Acid<5PPM, Peak area ratio 0.8-1.5)


5.. USP31 (Ginkgoflavon Glycosides 24~27%, Total Terpene Lacosides5.4~12%, Acid<5PPM, Peak area ratio 0.8-     1.5; Ginkgolide A+B+C 2.8%-6.2%; Bilobalide 2.6%-5.8%) 


Water-soluble Grade (Ginkgoflavon Glycosides≥24%, Total Terpene Lacosides≥6%, Acid 1~5PPM;   
7. Low acid (Ginkgoflavon Glycosides≥24%, Total Terpene Lacosides≥6%, Acid<1PPM)

The application of memory enhancement herbal medical ginkgo biloba leaf extract:

1).Applied in health products field, as raw material of health product, ginkgo extract has obvious effect on delaying aging, enhance immunity and improve microcirculation;
2). Applied in pharmaceutical field, used to treat cardiovascular disease and dementia. 
3). Applied in cosmetic field, because of its antioxidants or disarm free radicals is widely used in cosmetics to prevent aging.

The function and efficacy of ginkgo biloba leaf extract:

1).Enhance brainpower, improve memory and prevent dementia.

2).Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent hardening of the arteries

3).Prevention of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris,Anticancer, antioxidant

4).Eliminate back pain and numbness 

5).Improved urination,Alleviate diabetes



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