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Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizine R-21

Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizine R-21

Glycyrrhizine R-21
Chemical Formula: C42H60Na2O16
Test method: HPLC
Gardner: Yellow fine powder Odor: special sweetness
Grade: Pharmaceutical and Food grade
Packaging: 20KG/Paper barrel,1KG/Aluminum foil bag
Detailed Information: Microbiological indicators:...

Product details

Product introduction

Product title: Glycyrrhizine R-21

Chemical Formula:  C42H60Na2O16

Test method:   HPLC

Gardner:  Yellow fine powder

Odor:   special sweetness

Grade:  Pharmaceutical and Food grade

Packaging:  20KG/Paper barrel,1KG/Aluminum foil bag

Detailed Information:



Glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt


Residue onignition






Heavey metals


Arsenic salts


Microbiological indicators:

Total bacteria


Mold and yeast



There aren’t

Escherichia coli

There aren’t

Licorice sweeteners R21, is a natural sweetener, with high sweetness (sweetness is about 80-300 times sucrose), low heat, safe non-toxic and specialized effects in health care, an ideal sweetener for high Blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease people , can make up the drawbacks which caused by Sweetener such as sucralose

Application for food field:

1.Used in beer and beverages, can overcome the use of polysaccharides caused by fermentation, rancidity and so on.

2.With the function of sterilization, clean teeth, anti-inflammatory, run waiting and other effects for applying for candies, chocolates and chewing gum.

3.Application in the soy sauce, you can increase the flavor of soy sauce, play sweet, optimize the effectiveness of the product.

4.On the spices also have synergies, anti-corrosion mildew, anti-precipitation, color and so on, applied in pickled products with sweetening fragrant stench, but also in the pickled process to avoid the sugar caused by the acid-producing corruption, discoloration , Hardening and other defects.

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