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Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate full English name: polyester terephthalate molecular formula: (c10h8o4)n CAS no.: 25038-59-9 hs code: 3907609000 bending strength: 200mpa flexural modulus: 4000mpa

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Polyethylene Terephthalate

We are offering pet polyethylene terephthalate-bottle grade-ldpe/ hdpe/ pp
name: polyester terephthalate
molecular formula: (c10h8o4)n
cas no.: 25038-59-9
hs code: 3907609000
bending strength: 200mpa
flexural modulus: 4000mpa

properties:pet is cream or pale-yellow crystal, with smooth and shiny surface. Resistance to creep deformation, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability are perfect. Small wear and tear but high hardness, its toughness is the largest in thermoplastic. The electrical insulation of pet is perfect and little be affected by temperature, however, poor corona resistance. Pet is non-toxic, weather resistance, and anti-chemical stability is very good. Pet is low water absorption, resistance to weak acids and organic solvents. Intolerance of hot water immersion and alkali. 

usage:pet is widely used in electrical and electronic and automotive industries, film and sheet, package bottle, auto parts, machinery equipment. Pet can be processed products by injection, extrusion, foaming, coating, plating and print. 

film and sheet:
1. Various types of food, medicines, non-toxic sterile packaging materials; textiles, precision instruments, electrical components, high-grade packaging materials; tapes, videotapes, film, computer floppy disk, metal coating and the substrate such as photographic film; electrical insulation materials, capacitor film, flexible printed circuit boards and membrane switch and other electronics and machinery. 
2. Package bottle: from the initial development of carbonated beverages to the present beer bottles, cooking oil bottles, condiment bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles
3. Electric products: manufacture of connectors, coil winding tube, integrated circuit case, capacitor, transformer enclosure, tv accessories, tuners, switches, timer cover, auto fuses, motor bracket, and relays. 
4. Auto parts: such as distribution panels cover, ignition coils, valves, exhaust parts, distributor cap, casing measuring instruments, small electric motor housings, etc., can also be a good use of pet coating, surface glossand rigidity, making the car exterior parts. 
5. Machinery and equipment: manufacture of gears, cams, pump housing, pulleys, motor frames and watch parts, can be used as the microwave oven baking, a variety of roof, outdoor billboards and models.. 
6. Pet plastic molding can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, coating, bonding, machining, electroplating, plating, vacuum metallization, printing. 

pet sc80
apprance: cream granules
grade: injection grade blowing grade
properties: transparent after heating

pet np-12
injection grade
properties: white granules with perfect comprehensive performance. Fast crystallization rate, high strength, good toughness, electrical insulation and heat resistance, shrinkage is small. 
Usage:pet is widely used in electrics, auto parts, mechanical components.

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