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Product Titles: Diethanolamine Product Description CAS: 111-42-2 Ethanol MF: C4H11NO2 MW: 105.14 EINECS: 203-868-0 Mol File: 111-42-2.mol Purity:99.8%

Product details

Product Titles: Diethanolamine

Product Description

CAS: 111-42-2

 Synonyms: 2-((2-hydroxyethyl)amino)ethanol;2-(2-hydroxyethylamino)ethanol;2-(2-hydroxy-ethylamino)-ethanol;2-(2-hydroxyethylamino)-ethanol;2,2’-dihydroxy-diethylamin;2,2’-iminobis-ethano;2,2’-iminobisethanol;2,2’-iminobis-Ethanol

MF: C4H11NO2

MW: 105.14

EINECS: 203-868-0

Mol File: 111-42-2.mol


Product Categories: Pharmaceutical Intermediates;Thanolamine Series;Analytical Chemistry;Mass Spectrometry;Matrix Materials (FABMS & liquid SIMS);Biological Buffers;Buffers A to Z;Amino Alcohols;Building Blocks;Chemical Synthesis;Organic Building Blocks;Oxygen Compounds;ACS Grade;Essential Chemicals;Inorganic Salts;Research Essentials;Solutions and Reagents;Chemical raw materials




Physical Properties

Appearance: Colorless and viscous liquid or white crystal at room temperatureOthers Soluble in water, ethan

Ol, and slightly soluble in benzeneand ether. It is alkaline and can absorb gases such as carbon dioxide an

D hydrogen sulfide in the air.

Diethanolamine/DEA Quality Standard

Total Content(as diethanolamine) % >=99.5

Monoethanolamine % <=0.1

Triethanolamine % <=0.1

Water content % <=0.2

Chromaticity(platinum-cobalt) <=10

Density(20C g/cm3) 1.090-1.095


what is Diethanolamine ?

1.Diethanolamine (DEA) is a polyfunctional product that is a secondary amine and a diol and acts as a weak base.

2.Diethanolamine buffer (10 mM diethanolamine, 0.5 mM MgCl2, pH 9.5) is frequently used in colorimetric assays (ELISA) using p-nitrophenyl phosphate (PNPP, sc-3720) substrate and diethanolamine buffer.

3.DEA (5% diethanolamine, pH 11.5) may also be useful for the dissociation of antigen-antibody complexes. For surface staining of monoclonal antibody-alkaline phosphatase conjugates by flow cytometric analysis,

4.diethanolamine buffer (pH 9.6) has been used with BCIP/NBT (sc-24981) substrate.

5.sed as an absorbent for acid gases and as a chemical intermediate.




1. Added in shampoo and hand washing, it can not only stablize foam and thicken the liquid, but also will reduce the irritation to skin.

2. for it can soften fibre textile, it is especially suitable for washing animal’s fibre, such as hair and thread, etc.

3. Its applications are in liquid detergent, shampoo, dishware detergent, liquid soap, fibre modifier, wool cleanser and metal rinser, etc.

4. Also uded in electric plating, shoe polish and printing ink etc.

5. In pharmaceutical industry, it is used as raw material for corrosion inhibiter; in synthesize highelastic froth of polyaminoester used as cross-linking agent; mixed with triethanolamine, used as decarburizing agent for engines of airplanes Reacts with fatty acids, to form amides of alkyl alcohol. Also used as raw material in organic synthesis to produce surface activators and absorbents for acid gases.




1.Used as analytical reagent,acidic gas absorption agent.

2.used for coke gas purification of industries,and can Be recycled.

3.used for making detergent, Polish, lubricants, softeners, surfactants, etc.,

4.used for organic synthesis.

5.In shampoo and light detergent foam is used as thickener improver,used as a softening agent in the synthetic fiber and leather production.


Diethanolamine and 70% sulfuric acid,dehydration ring im into morpholine (i.e.,1,4-oxygen and nitrogen heterocyclic hexane).



The specification of Diethanolamine:

Cocamide DEA / CDEA   Physical Properties



Appearance, 25°C

Colorless liquid

Amide Content, %

78 min

Free amine value, %


PH Value, 1% water solution


Refractive index


Ester Content, %

5 max

Free amine content, %


Free fatty acid, %

0.5 max

Color, Hazen

300 max

Diethanolamine Assay,%








Suspended matter




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