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Other Chemicals

  • Sulphur Lump

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    Sulphur Lump

    Sulphur Lump State: Solid CAS No.: 7704-34-9 Boiling point : 444.50°C MF: S Solubility in Toluene: 0.01% Max IMCO Class: 4.1 U N Number : 1350 Residue on ignition Max: 0.05% SM: 32.07 g/mol Melting point: 115°C -120°C

  • Soda Ash Dense

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    Soda Ash Dense

    Soda Ash Dense CAS No.:497-19-8 MF:Na2CO3 EINECS No.:231-867-5 HS code:281000 PH:11.6 Melting point:851 ℃ MW:105.99 Specific gravity:2.53 Appearance: Withe powder or granule Dissolution:1mol /L at 15 ℃ Certificate:ISO & SGS Grade: Industrial Grade,Food grade

  • Zinc Chloride

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    Zinc Chloride

    Product Titles: Zinc Chloride CAS:7646-85-7 EINECS No.:231-592-0 urity:98% MF:ZNCL2 Appearance:White Powder H.S :2827399000 Properties: White powder or white pellet Synonyms: Zinc Chloride Molecular Weight: 136.29 Chemical Formula: zncl2 Solidifying Proportion: 2.91

  • Iron Sulfate

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    Iron Sulfate

    Product Titles:iron sulfate CAS No.:10028-22-5 EINECS No.:233-072-9 Purity:90% Appearance:greeen powder MF:FeSO4.7H2O PH:2.13 Residue matter:0.01% Insoluble matrials:0.12% package:25kg bag

  • Diethylene Glycol

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    Diethylene Glycol

    Diethylene glycol CAS 111-46-6 Mainly used as solvent, such as the solvent of nitrocellulose, rubber, resin, grease, paint, medicine, etc. Also can be used as resin plasticizer, tobacco anti-drying agent, fiber lubriant and gas desiccant, etc.

  • Diethanolamine

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    Product Titles: Diethanolamine Product Description CAS: 111-42-2 Ethanol MF: C4H11NO2 MW: 105.14 EINECS: 203-868-0 Mol File: 111-42-2.mol Purity:99.8%

  • Ammonium Bi Fluoride

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    Ammonium Bi Fluoride

    Ammonium Bifluoride Fuction CAS 1341-49-7 is used mainly in industrial inorganic chemistry, especially in the processing of alloys and in glass etching. 2. It is also used in oil drilling where it is used to improve yields of crude oil from some types of rock and...

  • Disodium Phosphate

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    Disodium Phosphate

    Product titles: Disodium Phosphate Product Description CAS No.:7758-79-4 Molecular formula: Na2HPO4·XH2O{X=0,2,12) Molecular Weight: 358.0 Quality Standard: GB 25568-2010Used as improver, pH regulator, alimentary fortifier, emulsified dispersant M. W. : 141.98

  • Ammonium Bifluoride

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    Ammonium Bifluoride

    Product titles: Ammonium Bifluoride CAS No.:1341-49-7 MF:NH4HF2 EINECS No.:215-676-4 Technical data : HS NO. 28261100 MSDS YF0405-06 Molecular Weight:57.04 Appearance :White or colourless transparent crystal

  • Silver Nitrate

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    Silver Nitrate

    Silver nitrate used for making negative of taking pictures, vacuum flask refill and mirror manufacture, but also uses in silver plating, printing, corrosive agent in medicine, hair dye, analytical agent, preparation of other silver salt and colorfast ink.

  • Silver Cyanide

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    Silver Cyanide

    Uses of Silver cyanide: this chemical is used as lining of autoclave which is used in medicine, silver plating and protective coating. It is also used for electrofacing of electrical contact and engine bearings of airplane. Additionally, it is used as plating reagent and...

  • Lactic Acid

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    Lactic Acid

    Product Titles: Lactic acid
    Product Description
    E No:E270
    CAS No:50-21-5
    Einecs No:200-018-0
    HS Code:29181100
    MF: C3H6O3
    Specification:E270 FCCIV
    Routine Packing:25Kg;250Kg;1200Kg IBC
    Place of origin:China

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