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Soybean Fiber

Soybean Fiber

Soybean Fiber
Feature Anti-Bacteria, Anti-UV, Eco-Friendly
Type: Emulsifiers,Enzyme Preparations, Nutrition Enhancers, Stabilizers, Thickeners
Appearance light yellow or milk white powder,
with the special odor and taste of soy protein,
no foreign smell, no foreign matters to naked eyes
Grade Food Grade.pharmaceutical Grade
Shelf Life 24 Months
Certification Kosher,Halal

Product details

Product Titles:Soybean Fiber

Product Description 

Brand NameSoybean Fiber

CAS No.9000-70-8

EINECS No.232-554-6

FEMA No.3025



FeatureAnti-Bacteria, Anti-UV, Eco-Friendly

Fiber Length38~51MM

Type:Emulsifiers,Enzyme Preparations, Nutrition Enhancers, Stabilizers, Thickeners

Appearancelight yellow or milk white powder,with the special odor and taste of soy protein, no foreign smell, no foreign matters to naked eyes

GradeFood Grade.pharmaceutical Grade

Shelf Life24 Months  


Product Supplier Description 

Soybean Fiber is manufactured especially for meat processing and bakery. Soybean Fiber manufactured form GMO Free soy beans buy using high quality advanced manufacturing methods. Our Soybean fiber 10 can binds water in the relation 1:10. This excellent hydration of Soybean Fiber  10 makes it widely used now in meat industry for replacing meat or for cutting manufacturing cost. Foodfiber ®10 can be injected into meat together with other ingredients or can be added and incorporated into the emulsion in the cutter. Due to the advanced manufacturing technology of Soy Fiber Foodfiber ®10 is white color and odorless.

Our Soya fiber is made of natural soybean protein fiber, containing 18 kinds of amino acids, comfortable for clothing.

Soybean Dietary Fibre Soy fiber non-disinfected


1,High water binding capability 

2,White appearance with bland favor. 

3.Good coloration

Soy dietary fiber


It is derived from the cell wall material of soybean cotyledon. It is composed of a complex matrix of insoluble fiber, soluble fiber and protein. In many products like ice cream, bread food and drink etc, soy dietary fiber can increase final products' water-binding ability and formability.

Soya dietary fibre is wildly used in Nutritional food, Dietary food, Fast food, Seasoning products, Meat products, Bread food, Confectionary, Drin


1. FAR-INFRA RED Fubction

Contrast of Infrared-chart in body before and after using quilt which is made of soyfiber more than 50% to be filling and cover. The Soybean Fibre has the natural and outstanding  far infrared launching function. As the far infrared has the good thermal reaction, to cause a series of physiological effect, such as improving humans microcycle, enhancing the swallowing function of phagocyte in the organism blood, thus the products can improve humans immunity and disease-resistant ability, which has the function of sterilization, swollen-lessening, blood- invigorating and pain-easing, and activate active organization cell of biology macromolecule. Then what is the far infrared product? Only those which remote infrared ray emissivity achieved over 65% under the normal temperature can be called the far infrared textile. The higher the emissivity, the better the health-care function.At present the national requests for the emissivity above 80%, while soybean albumin fiber products achieve 87%, which is far higher than international standards and moreover it is nature, without any artificial ingredient. The infrared includes the remote infrared ray ( also called long wave infrared ), center wave infrared and short wave infrared.During which the wave length at 8~14 micron was thought by Chinese and foreign infrared experts to have extreme health-care to person, and called it as lift light. Soybean Protein Fiber product was demonstrated through Relative Radiation Power Spectrum Curve inspected by the national authority that, its wave ridge scope falls exactly in the wavelength range of life light. Approved by the authorized organizations,the far-infrared ray efflects on human's skin,the resonated activization of cell in human body will be produced,which can adjust the mrico-cir-culation of capillary vessel in skin,good to adjust the status of cell in human body. Approved by the autherized organizations, Soybean Protein Fiber has the function of far-infrared that good for health,the energy produced by the far-infrared is the most suitable for absorb to human body which occupy highly in the general energy.



 2.Ve Oxygenion Function

It proves from authoritys inspection that soybean albumin fiber can produce the negative oxygen ion. When wearing the clothing with good negative oxygen ion, can improve our microclimate and microenvironment at anytime and anywhere, which is advantageous to our health and also guarantees fresh air around us. It proves from authoritys inspection that soybean albumin fiber can produce the negative oxygen ion. The scientific research indicates that the negative oxygen ion can: 1Make us in full vigor, eliminate our tiredness and improve our working efficiency. 2Improve the quality of sleeping and eliminate the neurasthenia. 3 reduce incidence rate of illness and prevent from cold and respiratory tract disease. 4improve the condition of benevolence brain disease. 5prevent air conditioning sickness. 6 under the function of negative oxygen ion, may cause the skeletal muscle exited, which is helpful to improve sports levels. 7 Can reduce the blood serum element in the central nervous system which speedup humans ageing, and play to anti-senile role.

According to the international medicine magazine reported, anion content and health have the following relations

3.Resistance to ultraviolet Funcyion

Superfluous irradiation by the ultraviolet radiation will damage the skin,soybean protein fiber makes the soybean protein to be active after adding the biology activated technique,and makes it has the function of resistance the ultraviolet radiation. Tested by the authorized organization, soybean protein fiber has the strong function to protect skin from the ultraviolet radiation.

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