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Cured Black Mask

Cured Black Mask

Deep pore cleanser
mild without stimulation
Full face is available

Product details

Product function:

The product can remove blackhead, component of bamboo carboon can absorb blackhead and dirt in sore of skin, deep clean, shrink pore, make pore transporent and neat, and tighten and drag skin, deminsh oil and grease of face, tender care skin, make skin more skinny, vigorouse and nourishing.

Main four part component:

1.    Bamboo carboon: With strong absorb ability to clean stubborn blackhead.

2.    Nopal flower extract: quickly penetrate the pores, clean blackheads, so that pores are not blocked.

3.    North American honeysuckle extract: Regulate oil secretion, astringent pores, soothe the skin.

4.    Ginkgo biloba extract: dissolve blackheads, reducing blackhead adsorption, floating blackheads.


Deep pore cleanser, mild without stimulation. Full face is available.

1. Deep pore cleanser to close the pores: direct pores deep, shrinks and firming rough and big pore.


2. Acne removal: the whole face can be used, effective adsorption acne

3.  A wide range of applications: face, nose, all are applicable, Deep pore cleanser and repair.

4. Gentle repair: it contains a variety of herbal extracts, prevent the skin from damage.

5 . strong adsorption: activated carbon, has good adsorption, sucking out stubborn Deep cleansing pores

6.Deep Cleansing: Deep cleansing pores, water and oil balance.

7.Shrink pores: Convergence of the skin, tight pores.


To Deep cleansing pores nose membrane Usage:

1- Clean skin: clean hot compress, open pores.

2- for taking Deep cleansing pores : Apply evenly, wait for 15-20 minutes.

3- for taking Deep cleansing pores: From outside to inside, gently peel off from the bottom up.

4- Convergence pores: After cleaning the nose, can be used with compact liquid to help shrink pores.

what is the Deep cleansing pores?

Deep cleansing pores, also known as blackheads, is an open acne (skin pores blocking the skin directly exposed to the outside, with the air, the dust in the air contact), the skin is caused by oxidation of the air in the air, smelly black, mostly in the face , Chest and back, especially the blackheads mostly nose, black spots in the pores of the obvious enlargement, the shape after extrusion such as bugs, the top of the black.

Specifications: Net content of 120g / bottle

MOQ: 100kg

amount per box: 

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