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Dried Vegetables

  • Dried Pepper

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    Dried Pepper

    Dried Pepper
    1.stomach, help digestion.
    2.prevention of gallstones.
    3.improve heart function.
    4.lower blood sugar.
    5. relieve skin pain.
    6.pepper to lose weight.
    7. prevent cold.
    8. skin beauty.

  • Dry Garlic

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    Dry Garlic

    Dry Garlic
    The benefits of Dry garlic
    1.Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
    2.Against bacteria and viruses
    3.Natural antioxidants
    4.Help prevent diabetes
    5.Relieve high intraocular pressure
    6.Improve liver and...

  • Dried Chilli

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    Dried Chilli

    Dried Chilli
    1.Chilli is a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants.
    It helps spice up and enhances your dish as well as increases your metabolic rate.
    2 Chili is the dried ripe fruit of the genus Capsicum.
    3.Chilly is used to...

  • Dehydrated Onions

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    Dehydrated Onions

    Dehydrated Onion Physical
    analysis:NO-GMO products, NO ANY foreigh matters, NO ANY additives,
    ORIGIN in China, Moisture is MAX. 6%, SO2 is 50PPM MAX.
    Total count of bacteria ≤ 3.0*10^5cfu/g Coliform ≤ 1.0*10 ³MPN/100g Salmonella:...

As one of leading dried vegetables manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory has bulk dried vegetables in stock at your choice. Welcome to buy or wholesale cheap dried vegetables at low price here. Free sample is also offered.
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